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Powerful Personal Prayers On CD & Mp3

brings private personalized prayer to your Cell, IPhone, iPad whenever YOU DECIDE it is your time for a quiet moment of prayer. 

Prayers On CD & Mp3 with over 50 powerful recorded prayers for Weight Loss, Healing, Stressful Situations gives you one-on-one prayer time.  Each prayer has at least 20 specially selected Bible verses bringing you additional strength. 

New titles are added each week.  Listen and order or download INSTANTLY your prayer and scriptures to your IPhone, Android, IPad or PC.  Let us support you as you
go into God's presence to receive your answer!

This is your place of comfort in the turmoil of life. So find yourself in the place you want to be with private prayer, strength and power.

Dorma McGruder is your personal prayer partner to pray  with you while you drive, exercise, work rest.  

Everyone Is Welcome

Non-Denominational Prayer does what nothing else can. When life overloads you Prayers On CD & MP3 are here.  Prayer is not religion.  It is time spent with our Heavenly Father no matter what you call Him.


We’ve seen the transformation thousands of times – people who came to us full of doubt and uncertainty become secure in the knowledge of their rightful place in God’s great kingdom. The strengthening may start slowly – but once it begins, it picks up speed. The good works, explosive experiences because of  time spent in prayer all bring us to the best life we have ever had!.

Prayer does not make some difference.  It makes all the difference. Believe it can be done.  Don't give up but keep pressing in to your private place in God and watch Him move just  because you asked..

Prayers On CD & MP3

Prayers for Weight Loss, Healing, Peace of Mind, Depression join you everywhere. 

Click & Listen.